Digital Trial Companion

In the context of clinical studies for renowned scientific institutes, the basic technology of the Nia App was expanded to include study-accompanying functions. Since then, our technology has also been used as digital support for data collection for research purposes. 

Used by leading clinical institutes

Nia Health’s Digital Trial Companion is already in use at major hospitals and scientific organisations.

Advantages of the Digital Trial Companion from Nia Health

Collection of multiple data points

environmental factors, personal circumstances and subjective feelings

Reduction of the drop-out rate of study participants

Improvement of study results

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The technology from Nia Health is perfect for patients with chronic inflammatory skin diseases. It identifies environmental trigger factors which allows a better understanding of these diseases.

Prof. Dr. Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann

Director of the Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine, Universitätsklinikum Augsburg

Work-Flow of the Digital Trial Companion


The patient is enrolled in the trial and receives an access code for the Digital Trial Companion.

Data collection

From now on, real-time data (real world evidence) will be collected from the patient via the Digital Trial Companion.

Reminder function

Motivating hints and reminders increase the patient's compliance and reduce the drop-out rate.

Further processing

Study physicians can evaluate the study data in real time and process it in compatible formats.

The Nia app - what's behind the digital study companion

Nia, the first medical digital support for atopic dermatitis, helps sufferers deal with and understand their condition. 

Sufferers use Nia to document the progression of their disease with the help of photo documentation and clinical metrics, and to identify relapse triggers. In addition, users can track their therapy and receive medical background knowledge about their disease based on multimedia and clinically validated content. Nia increases doctor-patient communication. The additionally increased adherence of patients contributes to a permanently improved treatment and faster implementation of recommendations.

Background information on the technology set-up used

Data collection by means of an approved medical device (risk class I)

Highest data protection and data security standards (EU-DSGVO compliant and ISO 27001 certified)

Technology recommended by patients, doctors, health insurers and leading clinics

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