Innovations “Made in Berlin” – Nia Health receives DEEP TECH Award

Berlin, 17 June 2022. Nia Health receives the DEEP TECH Award in the Artificial Intelligence category. Among 70 participating companies, the digital medical device manufacturer Nia Health, founded in 2019, prevailed. Economics Senator Schwarz presented this year’s award in the categories AI, IoT/Industry 4.0, Blockchain, IT Security and Social/Sustainable Tech.

A total of 15 finalist teams were invited to the DEEP TECH Awards ceremony on Wednesday evening. All of them stand out as application-oriented and proven solutions, with a high degree of innovation and great future potential. The award, worth a total of €50,000, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and presented by the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry. The evaluation and selection of the winners is carried out by a jury of experts.

A platform that serves various applications – this is how Deep Tech works

Every year, the expert jury faces the challenge of deciding on a winner from the diversity and breadth of submissions in the Artificial Intelligence category. This year, Nia Health was able to successfully stand out against other competitors with its cross-platform, patient-centred Deep Tech solution. Not only the patient-centred technical solution, but above all the high social relevance that Nia Health can demonstrate with its digital health apps already established in the health market, the atopic dermatitis app Nia and the psoriasis app Sorea, were decisive for the decision-making of the expert jury.

In his laudation, Jack Thoms praised the added value of the Nia Health Apps on the doctor-patient level. In addition to the aspect of patient empowerment, Thoms sees a lot of potential in the Nia Health platform to considerably relieve the overburdened health system. The deputy spokesperson of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) also praised the business model of a cross-indication platform.

Senator Stephan Schwarz übergibt Tobias Seidl (CEO, Co-Gründer Nia Health) den DEEP TECH Award. Credit:Christoph Soeder / Deep Tech Berlin
Senator Stephan Schwarz übergibt Tobias Seidl (CEO, Co-Gründer Nia Health) den DEEP TECH Award. Credit:Christoph Soeder / Deep Tech Berlin

Tobias Seidl, CEO and co-founder of Nia Health GmbH, accepted the award on Wednesday evening. The CEO once again emphasised the team’s motivation:

“There is an extreme medical need, especially in the indication fields in which we offer solutions. When it became clear to us in 2018 that there was not yet a solution for this indication, we decided to build it ourselves.”

Millions of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients can already benefit
The apps Nia and Sorea help patients and relatives of patients to cope with chronic skin diseases and to successfully manage everyday life. Empowerment and enhancement of quality of life is a priority with these digital health apps. The independent documentation of the skin condition with the help of clinically validated metrics, the support in identifying potential relapse triggers and the provision of medically validated information through training material and expert videos form the cornerstones of both applications. Developed with dermatology experts and opinion leaders, Nia and Sorea are the most popular apps in their fields in Europe.

Overview of the winners in all categories:

DEEP TECH Award in the category Artificial Intelligence: Nia Health
DEEP TECH Award in the category Internet of Things/Industry 4.0: micropsi industries GmbH
DEEP TECH Award in the category IT Security: Verimi GmbH
DEEP TECH Award in the category Blockchain: $STYLE.Protocol (styleXchange UG)
DEEP TECH Award in the category Social/Sustainable Tech: macht.sprache. (Gasser und von Rath GbR)

About Nia Health:

Nia Health offers fully comprehensive and digital support to sufferers of chronic skin conditions. Founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the Berlin Charité, Nia Health developed the award-winning and most-used neurodermatitis app in Germany. Thousands of patients and relatives receive daily support thanks to Nia.

Tobias Seidl

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